Cookers and Eaters Events

What I did

Founded Cookers&Eaters events in which students of the Michigan International Student Society introduced their homeland’s cuisine to other students. Students participated in the events in the following three ways:

  1. The Host – Hosts and prepares traditional dishes and beverages for other students
  2. The Cookers – Help the host and learn how to prepare the dishes and beverages
  3. The Eaters – Just show up and dig in.

Overall, I organized 8 Cookers&Eaters events to enable cultural exchange, increase face-to-face interactions and provide healthy food to over 100 students for under $10 from February-May 2018.

You can see the visuals of the events posted on the official Instagram page of the University of Michigan International Student Society (MISS)  below:

Turkish Night – Enis Habib

Indian Night

Puerto Rican Night

Turkish Night Once Again

Peruvian Night

Greek Night

Mexican Night

Slovenian Night