Work & Projects


Haptic Lever Project

Designed, built and tested an electromechanical system with a team of 7 engineers. The final product will be used teach “Advance Controls” to Mechanical Engineers at the University of Michigan. 

Food Dispensor with Alexa Project

Led a team of 4 engineers at a Makeathon to design, build and test a food dispensor that works with Amazon Alexa. Built a functional product in 72 hours.   

Ballbot Project

Interned at the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in Israel as a Mechanical Engineer and built a controller using C++ for a mobile robot called a “ball-bot”.

 Autonomous Vehicle Project

Led a team of 3 engineers, at a Makeathon at the University of Michigan, to design, build and test an autonomous vehicle. Awarded 2nd place amongst 40 teams, approximately 160 people.

First Open-Source Bionic Leg Project

Improved the bionic leg by designing pocketing for a steel part in SolidWorks and improve load and stress capabilities using comprehensive FEA while reducing the part’s weight by 14%.  Gave a live TV interview on CNN, given a 2-hour notice, about the bionic leg and my contribution in it

Autonomous Vehicle Project

Interned at Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul and designed, built and tested an autonomous vehicle in 3 months. 

Earth-Sun Spinner Project

Led a team of 3 engineers and an artist at 76 hour – Makeathon to design, build and test a mechanical toy to teach how gravity works to high school students.

 Electromechanical 4-Bar Linkage Project 

Designed, built and tested an electromechanical 4-Bar linkage with a team of 4 engineers. Programmed the PID controller using C++ and enabled the linkage to pick up and shoot balls to a hoop.

Interned at Arçelik in Product  Sourcing Research and Development Department 

Interned as an engineer at Arçelik Product Sourcing Research and Development Department and improved the designs of a blender using SolidWorks.