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Enis Habib is a mechanical engineer and a scientist with experience in the robotics and IoT industries.

This is My Story

Enis Habib is an engineer and a scientist with experience in the robotics and IoT industries.

2010-2015: Enis Habib graduated with Honors from Üsküdar American Academy in 2015.

2015-2019: He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan in USA. He graduated with an Honors from Uskudar American Academy in Istanbul/Turkey.

His diverse education provides the platform for his interdisciplinary expertise: robotics, mechatronics, and IoT.

2018-2020: As an undergraduate and after his graduation, Enis worked in the Neurobionics Lab with Professor Elliott Rouse, on the first open-source robotic leg which was featured on Chicago’s Museum of Science and Amazon’s re:MARS event. He engineered numerous aluminum and steel parts for this complex robot that has over 300 parts.

Additionally, he interned at Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in Israel using his background in Computer Science, developed a PID controller for a “ball-bot”, a mobile robot that can be used in hospitals to help patients in C++.

Finally, he interned at Arcelik as a R&D Intern in the Product Sourcing Division where he built a workflow for a revolutionary hand blender using Microsoft Visio. He also studied SLS&SLA production methods and reverse engineering. He used NX-Unigraphics and modeled parts that help to build the first prototypes of this revolutionary hand blender.

Enis received numerous awards: In 2019, Enis received the Engineering Honors Award, which identifies people with an extraordinary academic ability, possess intellectual curiosity and a clear potential to make a difference as a leader in their chosen field.

In 2020, he was featured on CNN live and the New York Times of Turkey called “Hurriyet” newspaper with the headline “The Turk’s signature on the first open-source bionic leg”.

Now: Currently, Enis works as a Business Development Engineer in the Energy Industry in Istanbul/Turkey.

Additioanlly, he is the Youth Comittee President of Articifical Intelligence Association in Turkey (Yapay Zeka ve Teknoloji Derneği.)

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