Design for Manufacturability – Mechanical Engineering Team Leader

What it is:

The goal of this elective class is basically to pick and existing product on the market and make it better by making it more robust, modular, easier to assembly and cheaper to manufacture. The product my team and I picked is the bike pump above.


  1. Customer requirements, product design specifications.
  2. Conceptual design, design principles.
  3. Major classes of manufacturing and assembly processes.
  4. Product platforms and modular design.
  5. Manufacturing tolerances and tolerance selection.
  6. Material and process selection.
  7. Design for assembly processes.
  8. Design for manufacturing processes.
  9. Taguchi method for robust design.
  10. Rapid prototyping and design for additive manufacturing.

What I did:

Enhanced functionality and modularity of a bestseller bike pump by adding a snap-fit pressure gauge and a foot-stand using Kano’s product development methods.

Improved the bike pump’s manufacturability and robustness by reducing assembly time by 18% and cost by 20% using Taguchi’s robust design methods.

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